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Smart Systems

Vehicles with a Smart System can activate the ignition without inserting a key in the ignition. When leaving a vehicle that is equipped with a smart-key system, the vehicle is locked by either pressing a button on one of the door handles, touching a capacitive area on a door handle or by simply walking away from the vehicle. The method of locking varies between models.

Ignition Lock Repair and replacement

If you have trouble turning the ignition on or off or your ignition gets jammed Car Keys Inc can help. Ignition lock that going bad is more common than you think. For instance, heavy key ring in the ignition lock can make a major damage to the ignition lock. An ignition lock that won’t turn, can definitely ruin your day. A broken ignition lock on the road can avoid you to follow your schedule of that day.

Factory Remotes

Keyless entry remotes, or (RKS, RKE) allow owners to unlock their car or truck with the click of a button from a key fob, keychain, or on the key itself. These are also other vehicle features such as opening the trunk or turning on the interior lights to increase visibility at night or in inclement weather. Also, many newer keys include remote start which is becoming standard on new makes of most models of automobiles. Remote start is found on many vehicles including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota and Honda cars.

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Some cars models, such as some Acura, Toyota, Lexus, and Honda models can only have additional keys programmed if you have the master keys. Should you lose the set of master keys getting them replaced by the dealer can be very expensive and will require you leaving your car at the dealer. Key reflashing is an economical alternative. Our trained technicians are able to open your car’s computer, locate the programming chip, hook it up to our computers and program a new master set for you quickly.


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